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LLP Registration

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What is Limited Liability Partnership?

  • LLP is the latest form of business where the features of a partnership are combined with the features of a company.
  • It is a partnership where all the partner’s have limited and disjoint liability, i.e. the personal assets of the partners cannot be utilized to pay off firm’s liabilities and individual partners have no joint liability created by another partner’s wrongful business decisions or carelessness.
  • Since, LLP contains elements of both a company and a partnership it is better known as a hybrid between a company and a partnership.

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LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Registration in India

LLP has been introduced in India by the means of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. LLP registration is regulated by MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs). LLP is registered with the ROC (Registrar of Companies).

LLP is a separate legal entity that offers the profit of limited liability of company also the compliance of partnership, wherein no partner is held responsible on account of other’s partner misconduct and their claims along with duties to be directed by LLP agreement. LLP Registration is ideal for Professionals, Micro and Small businesses that are family-owned or closely-held.

Limited Liability partnership gives the profit of limited liability to its owners and at the same time requires minimum maintenance. The owners of a private limited company have confined liability to creditors. In case of error, banks/creditors can only market the company’s assets and not the assets of directors.

An LLP also provides limited liability protection for the owners from the liabilities of the LLP. Therefore, all partners in an LLP have a set of limited liability protection for all individual’s protection in the partnership, linked to that of the shareholders of a private limited company.

Why choose LLP?

There are 4 main reasons to choose LLP:

  • Double benefits Company and a Partnership
  • No partner will be accountable for other partner’s misconduct and misleading
  • Inexpensive to incorporate than a private limited company
  • Restricts the liabilities of its partners

An application to register LLP has to be done online at the e-filing system. Another option is to apply for LLP registration with us to get it done easily. We will look after the procedure of LLP in more clear and careful form.

Eligibility for LLP Registration

  • Minimum 2 Shareholders
  • One director needs to be an Indian Resident
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for 2 Promoters & 1 witness
  • Minimum 2 Directors
  • Minimum Authorised Share Capital 100,000 (INR One Lac)
  • The directors and shareholders can be same person
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) for all Director

Choose from different company options

Pvt Limited Company

  • DIN for 2 Directors
  • DSC for 2 Directors
  • Name search and name approval
  • ROC registration Fees
  • Company Pan Card

LLP Registration

  • DPIN for 2 Partners
  • Digital Signature For 2 Partners
  • Name search & approval
  • LLP Agreement
  • ROC registration Fees
  • LLP Pan Card

OPC Registration

  • DIN for 1 Director
  • Digital Signature For 1 Director
  • Name approval
  • ROC registration Fees
  • Company Pan Card

Section-8 Company

  • DIN for 2 Partners
  • Digital Signature For 2 Directors
  • Name search & approval
  • Registration Fees
  • Company Pan Card

Nidhi Company

  • DIN for 3 Directors
  • Digital Signature For 3 Directors
  • Name search & approval
  • Registration fees
  • Company PAN Card

How to incorporate LLP Online?

Step 1: Obtain DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

It’s necessary to apply for a Digital signature of the designated partners before starting the LLP Registration process. The DSC is important as every the documents for LLP are recorded online and are asked to be digitally signed. Also, you must obtain either class 2 or class 3 category of DSC.

Step 2: Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)

The application for DIN is mandatory for every designated partner or planning to become partners of LLP. The DIN application has to make in Form DIR-3.

Step 3: Name Approval and its Reservation

The LLP name approval is an important step to establish an LLP company. LLP-RUN (Limited Liability Partnership-Reserve Unique Name) is filled for the reservation of the name given by LLP that cab further is processed by the Central Registration Centre under Non-STP.

Step 4: Incorporation of LLP

For the Incorporation of LLP the FiLLiP (Form for incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership) form is to be filled with Registrar who has control over the state in which the listed office of the LLP is located. Along with this the form also asks for applying for allotment of DPIN.

Step 5: File Limited Liability Partnership Agreement

LLP agreement oversees the mutual rights and duties amongst the partners and also among the LLP and its partners. LLP agreement must be registered in form 3 within 30 days of the date of incorporation online on Portal.

It takes 15- 30 working days (approx.) to complete the Limited Liability Partnership Registration procedure. The timeline may differ depending on responses from ROC department.

Necessary forms in LLP Registration

  • RUN – LLP – A form for reserving a name for the LLP
  • FiLLiP – A Form for LLP incorporation
  • Form 5– Notice for change of name
  • Form 17– For the conversion of a firm into LLP application and statement
  • Form 18– For conversion of a private company or unlisted public company into LLP application and statement

Selection process for LLP Name

The Registrar of Companies (RoC) has circulated naming guidelines for LLPs. You must follow the rules strictly or your application may end up getting rejected, pointing to a very long process.


The name of your LLP Company must be associated with your business. It must satisfy the company’s branding. For example, Lakme means is the French version of Sanskrit Lakshmi and it’s a makeup brand for women.

Short & Simple

The name of LLP needs to be precise and not be too long. Easy pronunciation for people and they can remember the company name at first look.

Unique Component

The name of your company must not be identical or same to an existing company, business or trademark. You need to ideally avoid plural version e.g., “Flipkart’s” or changing just letter Case, spacing or punctuation marks in an existing company name.


Abstracts, adjectives and generic words are rejected. The words bank, exchange and stock exchange will also be denied.


The name of your LLP Company must end with the suffix “LLP” is a case of a limited liability partnership.

Should not be illegal or offensive

While choosing up an LLP name make sure you don’t go against the law. It should not be offensive or against the customs and beliefs of any religion and doesn’t hurt anyone’s respect.

Difference between a Private, Public and One Person Company ?

Basis Pvt. Ltd. Public Ltd. One person Company
Ownership Owned privately by group of private individuals. Owned jointly by the general public. Owned privately by one person.
Members Min. 2
Max. 200
Min. 7
Max. no limit
Min. 1
Max. 1
Directors Min. 2
Max. 15
Min. 3
Max. 15
Min. 1
Max. 15
Listing/Invitation to public Unlisted on Stock exchanges/cannot invite public to subscribe to its capital Listed on stock exchanges/can invite public Unlisted on Stock exchanges/cannot invite public to subscribe to its capital
Certificate of incorporation Not required ,business can be commenced without it. Required, business cannot be commenced without it Required, business cannot be commenced without it
General meeting no statutory requirement to hold any general meetings statutory requirement to hold any general meetings statutory requirement to hold any general meetings
Audit Tax audit if annual turnover >40 lakhs
Statutory audit compulsory
Audit of accounts is mandatory. Tax audit if annual turnover >40 lakhs
Statutory audit compulsory
Registration time 10-20 days Less than 30 days 10-20 days
Registration Register Pvt Ltd Company Register Public Ltd Company Register OPC

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