8 steps to register llp in Delhi

Limited Liability Partnership is a new corporate structure that combines the flexibility of a partnership and also the advantages of limited liability of a company at a low compliance cost. In other words, it is thus an alternative corporate business vehicle that provides the benefits of limited liability partnership of a company, but it also [...]


Limited Liability Partnership Registration Process in India

Registration Process   LLP, short for Limited Liability Partnership, is a type of partnership firm where some or all the partners have limited liability. ‘Limited Liability’ means that the partner’s liability is limited to his contribution mentioned in the agreement. Why LLP? For a startup, LLP is the ideal business type. Partners in an LLP [...]


Why will you give more preference to LLP over partnership firm registration?

LLP over Partnership Firm Registration   Partnership firm once has been a very popular form of business entity owing to the simplicity of formation and ease of management and termination. Registration of partnership firms is optional and cost of formation is almost nil. It is registered under the Indian Partnership Act,1932 by filing a partnership [...]


Table of difference – LLP vs Company vs Partnership vs Proprietorship

Differentiation LLP, Company, Partnership, and Proprietorship have been distinguished in the table given below. LLP vs Company vs Partnership vs Proprietorship For LLP registration, Private Limited Company registration, the Partnership registration, Proprietorship registration, contact LegalRaasta. Basis LLP Company Partnership Sole Proprietorship No. of person Minimum 2 Maximum - Minimum 7 public/2 Pvt. Maximum -/200 Minimum 2 Maximum 100 Minimum 1 [...]



Know about LLP Agreement What is the LLP Agreement? LLP agreement an agreement between i) the partners and between ii) the partners and LLP. It contains the rights and duties of the partners toward each other as well toward the LLP, Partnership Interest, and Rights, Profit Distribution, Capital Contribution, Term, Names, And Purpose, etc. Is [...]


Register LLP

Limited Liability Partnership Register LLP in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, and Mumbai, all major cities. LegalRaasta offers you LLP registration in Delhi and all major cities. We are online CA/CS/Legal service providers offering entire services online making all the legal formalities easy and hassle-free for our clients. We have years of experience and satisfied customers support. You [...]


LLP Registration Procedure And Cost

LLP Registration Here we have provided LLP registration procedure and cost of registration at LegalRaasta: There are 3 stages of Limited Liability Partnership registration which are as follows                                  Foundation: It involves, Identifying Partners as well as designated partners Determining [...]