LLP Registration

Here we have provided LLP registration procedure and cost of registration at LegalRaasta: There are 3 stages of Limited Liability Partnership registration which are as follows

                                Limited Liability Partnership registration procedure and cost

Foundation: It involves,

  1. Identifying Partners as well as designated partners
  2. Determining the capital contribution profit sharing ratio by partners
  3. Setting Objects of the Limited Liability Partnership
  4. Deciding proposed Names of the LLP
  5. Deciding the State in which the LLP is to be registered, etc.

Documentation & Registration : It involves,

  1. Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate for Designated Partners
  2. Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN) for Directors.
  3. Applying for Limited Liability Partnership Name
  4. Receiving for  Letters of Consent from each Partner and Designated Partner
  5. Executing Limited Liability Partnership Registration Documents (after name approval)
  6. Submitting of LLP Registration Documents to the Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  7. Registration and Certificate of Incorporation

Agreement: It involves,

  1. Drafting and Execution of LLP Agreement by partners. LLP agreement is complex therefore it is advisable to take professional/expert help.
  2. Filing of LLP Agreement within 30 days of registering the LLP to the Registrar.