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एलएलपी आवश्यकताएँ

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LLP Requirements 

Following are the basic LLP requirements :

  • There should be a minimum of 2 partners.

  • There is no capital requirement, i.e. partners are allowed to start their company from any amount of capital.

  • 1 Indian Native Partner is necessary.

For complete set of requirements contact LegalRaasta.


Following are the documents of the partners which are required :

  • PAN Card

  • DIN or DPIN – Director identification number or the designated partnership identification number. 

  • Identity proof

  • Address Proof

  • Utility Bill of the Registered Office

  • No Object Certificate from the Property owner

  • Copy of Rental Agreement

  • Digital Signature Certificate

For complete list of documents contact LegalRaasta.

llp requirements - documents