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LLP Registration in Mumbai

LegalRaasta offers LLP Registration in Mumbai. We at LegalRaasta make LLP registration easy for our clients.You just need to fill the form and we will contact you. Then we will ask you for the required documents. Once submitted, you will get LLP registered within 15-30 days after it.

Some Provisions of LLP Act regarding financial disclosures of LLP registered in Mumbai

1. Every limited liability partnership shall keep books of accounts which are sufficient to show and explain the limited liability partnership’s transactions

2. The books of account which a limited liability partnership is required to keep shall be preserved for eight years from the date on which they are made

3.The accounts of every limited liability partnership shall be audited in accordance with these rules:

  • A limited liability partnership whose turnover does not exceed, in any financial year, forty lakh rupees, or whose contribution does not exceed twenty-five lakh rupees shall not be required to get its accounts audited.

  • If partners of such limited liability partnership decide to get the accounts of such LLP audited, the accounts shall be audited in accordance with these rules.

    4.A person shall not be qualified for appointment as an auditor of a limited liability partnership unless he is a Chartered Accountant in practice.

    5.An auditor or auditors of a limited liability partnership shall be appointed for each financial year of the LLP for auditing its accounts.

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